Thursday, December 18, 2014

Welcome to PATTERN Daily

Hello, I am so glad to meet you, at my new blog - Pattern Daily.
Here I am going to share with you great patterns from around the world that inspire me, that simply make me want to grab a pen, some brushes and color tubes (or at least a wacom pen) and start painting wonderful combinations of colors, lines and shapes.

Patterns can lead us to beautiful journeys  - filled with wonders and adventures. They can take us deeper inside - into our own hearts and minds - looking for memories or emotions that evoke while either painting a pattern or just looking at one. They can also send us far away - exploring the internet, museums, books, wanting to understand their roots and links.

Patterns really work best when they are truthful, harmonious, and even symbolic, then -  they can touch our
hearts and souls. Creating a pattern can be meditative, while looking at one is joyous and stimulating.

I Welcome you to my new blog, a daily inspiration source dedicated to beautiful, creative patterns, Shall we begin?

Meet Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd - together they are Inaluxe  - a wonderful & successful design studio.

Both, Kristina and Jason, grew up in Australia during the colorful '70's, surrounded by vivid colors and  bold patterns.

Although they take their art in different directions,  they love to combine efforts and work together on most designs.

Two different approaches to illustrate a flower, which one do YOU like better?

Their greatest influence is nature - Organic forms, animals in their magnificence, pepole. But this is only the basis - the surface, What they are really looking for, are the things beneath this surface. They want to evoke emotions by their designs, and try to go deeper in order to understand how to create a design  that moves the viewers.

They are also deeply inspired by fine art - especially artist like Rothko and early expressionists.

While working on their own designs, they also enjoy working with great brands such as Ikea, Kate Spade, Urban Outfitters and many more...

Wouldn't you like to have these carpets at your own living room? I sure would!

Browsing their blog will give you additional information about their art, co-operations with great brands and family life (I think that they are a couple, referring to some photos at their blog as "their home" :)
Browsing throughout their blog posts, my eyes just wander from picture to picture, and the beauty of their art fill my heart with joy and inspiration. I have a strong feeling my doodles later this evening will be very bright, and some mod shapes from the '70 might pop...

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